Ugh!  Green again.  Wait, no.  I love green.  I want everything to be green.  Especially green with orange and yellow flowers mixed in.  I really super like this fabric.  And I'm not the only one.  When I bought it I nearly got into a fist fight with another woman over the bolt.*

This dress is good for the last few days for Portland sun.  It's great for dining on the most delicious burger in town (Slow Bar!).  And so comfortable while ripping new music.  (Thank you Multnomah County Library!) 

Thursday Dress:  Cotton.  Duh.  I love the print, even if it is a little sofa cushion-ey.  V-neck, high back.  I didn't really embellish it because I thought this dress would go great with my vintage leather belt.   I may sneak this one into my autumn wardrobe.  Boots?  Yeah!

Well, I gotta say this new Dress of the Day format is rigorous, but fruitful.  Alas, even I am bored of looking at pictures of myself every day so I am going to hold Friday's dress for a few.  I do what I want!  Don't you forget it.  And I want a break from the scenery.  You do too probably . . . you're just too polite to say so.  That's why we're friends.

See you in a bit!
*Liz's idea of a near fist fight:

Liz:  Oooh I really super like this fabric.  Yoink!
Stranger Lady:  Wow.  That's great fabric.  Are you going to buy all of it?
Liz:  No.  Just two yards.  I'll come find you when I'm done.
Stranger Lady:  Great.  Thank you.
Liz:  You're very welcome.
This Wednesday was about two things.  First, the worst drive to work of all time ever.  I hate complaining about it, because I know I should be commuting by bike anyway.  Being stuck in the car for that long really stinks, but so does packing a bag the night before and getting up early to ride.  And I can't wear an outfit such as Wednesday Dress on my road bike, so I am currently an impasse as you can see.

Second.  Packing!  One benefit of a friend with a recent bridal registry is that I reap the benefit of all those boxes.  Yahoo!   Unfortunately packing also means messes.  Boo!

Wednesday:  Cotton once again.  This time it's a really vintagey looking green with branches and birdcages.  I really like the color palette:  olive green, violet, teal, and baby blue.  The dress has a scoop neck, v-back, and full skirt.  I added a light blue grosgrain ribbon at the waist to match the Public Bike I am saving up for which, incidentally, will be fully ridable in a dress.  This dress.  I can't wait.
It's been a busy day for me and the Tuesday Dress.  First we went to work and drank coffee out of our special witch mug that Adorable Boyfriend picked up in his hometown, Salem, MA.  We did that for about 8 hours, then met Kirsten for happy hour/dinner and caught a local production of  oooooOOOOOO-OKLAHOMA!  You know!  Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain? 

Little known fact (unless you are one of my brothers, in which case it's very widely known):  I'm just a girl who can't say no to musical theater.  Let's keep that on the D.L., though, shall we?  I do have a reputation to maintain.

Tuesday:  Off-white cotton with little gray and yellow chicks and ducks and geese (i.e. birds).  This is a fabric that I fell in love with about a million years ago (2006) then made into a dress for a friend in Washington DC.  Fortunately for me, I recently found more at one of my favorite fabric spots, Cool Cottons.  Ah yes, just in time for a certain, not-to-be-named television program to make fun of birds being on things.  Particularly on Portland things.  Harumpf! 

No matter, no matter.  I didn't care what red-headed Stacey thought of my front-slitted long denim skirt in 7th grade (But seriously, why did she hate it so much?), and I don't care what the viewing public thinks of bird fabric now. 

So, Tuesday:  Square neckline, sort of sweethearted up with some tucks.  This may or may not be because the dress was initially too big up in front.  Squared back.  Longer skirt with gathering, but not too much, and requisite yellow piping a the waist. 

I thought Tuesday was appropriate for waving wheat, elephant-eye high corn, and all that, although Kirsten was pushing for the August blue gingham for tonight's outing.  August dress wouldn't have been wrong, but seemed a little dressy for a Tuesday, while Tuesday Dress was perfect, as its very name implies. 

Well, I've gone about as far as I can go.  (Company:  She's gone about as far as she can go.)   I'll check in tomorrow.  Don't poke fun, but there may be more birds ahead.  That's just how it is.
August isn't so much about a dress.  It's about a Dress Extravaganza!  Realizing that summer has actually come to a close (check the calendar, kids) without the completion of my sundresses has put me into overdrive.  This month features not one, but five (5!) dresses that should have been completed and worn months ago.  Now the goal is one dress for each workday of this very last week of September.  I am so close already.  Fear not, friends!  I am not even worried.

Monday:  Navy blue with little white polka dots.  I put in white piping at the waist for fun and blue bias tape at the hem for cuteness.  Since the sundress collection was initially an attempt to blow through my hoard of cottons and notions, I pulled only from my stash.  Part of the fun in that is it's a great excuse to use my larger scraps for contrasting lining, which is only, like, my favorite thing ever. Scoop neck, lower scoop back, and very full short skirt.

What's this dress good for, if it's too late in the season for tanning shoulders and knees?   Well, 1) going back to work where we get compliments for trying to Autumnize thin cotton with textured tights and a cardigan.  2)   Cleaning and packing up my basement workspace (as pictured!) 'cause Adorable Boyfriend and I are moving.  3)  Goin' to Trader Joe's where a) Adorable Boyfriend doesn't tell us we have a giant (and I am talking, like, 10') of string stuck to our textured tights until we are in the car, but we still somehow managed to get a b) compliment from the checker who said (get this!) "Cute dress.  Thanks for bagging."  4)  Eating Indian food for dinner.  Hurray.  I love naan So Much.

There's a whole lot more coming.  Don't go too far away now.  Hint for tomorrow? 

Stepping dangerously close on the heels of wedding season, comes baby season.  It is widely known that Dress of the Month Club isn't exactly into quilts, but (as with dresses) the fabric often dictates the project. 

A co-worker of mine will soon be welcoming a little girl to the world.   This little girl, unbeknownst to her, will irrevocably disrupt the the idyllic and spoiled life of one little brown poodle who somewhat intimidatingly answers to the name/title of Chairman of the Board.

The (brown) poodle fabric was in the fat quarter baskets at local fabric hotspot Bolt, and I immediately knew a quilt was necessary.  I opted for color, color, color . . . and no pink.  I used a natural-colored quilted cotton as a backer (to tone it down just a bit) and tied it it off with turquoise, which matched the binding. 

The quilt is completely washable and it's small enough for a little one to someday carry around (unless it turns out she only likes pink).  The most important thing, though, is that the quilt pays homage to The Chairman.  Thus I have done my part to ease the pain he will no doubt feel come the first of November. 
You may remember when Joe and Naomi got hitched in February.  You should since, as if a shout out on Dress of the Month Club weren't enough, they were famously featured (along with Adorable Boyfriend) on Design Sponge.  Back then, in the height of winter, Joe and Naomi had an intimate courthouse wedding followed by a small reception in a suite at the Ace Hotel.  Lucky for us, the fun never stops with this lovely couple so we got to celebrate the nuptials, once again, on a larger scale.  This time sweater-free.  And with sun!
Lots of friends and family gathered in Northwest Portland with well wishes for the Newlyweds.  Joe and Naomi infused the reception with many delightful and personal touches like (that awesome Midwestern beanbag game knows as) Cornhole.  Joe made the game boards himself, personalizing them to commemorate the day. 

Not to be outdone by her new husband, Naomi, a wonderful baker, made a cake (and accompanying cupcakes) herself.  It was a confection which rivaled its own delightfulness with deliciousness. 

The couple received blessings under a chuppa that has been in Naomi's family for generations and Joe played violin accompanied by friends on the viola and cello.  Later those closest to the couple gave speeches, sang songs, and danced the night away.
Of course, what event would be complete without a) the wearing of a DotMC  dress and b) a photo booth.  Regarding the former:  The August Dress was worn almost immediately upon completion.  It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  As for the latter:  The Talented Mr. Kelty has amazed and impressed once again.  What fun!
To Joe and Naomi - here's to another 6 months  . . . and then another . . . and then another. . . and so on  . . . of Sheer Bliss.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  To experience Joe and Naomi's wedding reception, watch the time lapsed video created by Adorable Boyfriend.
Yahooza!  Jillian went to Mexico and brought me back a collection of zippers and some cute silver buttons.  What a wonderful souvenir.  I shall add them to my stash until the proper project(s) call.