This Wednesday was about two things.  First, the worst drive to work of all time ever.  I hate complaining about it, because I know I should be commuting by bike anyway.  Being stuck in the car for that long really stinks, but so does packing a bag the night before and getting up early to ride.  And I can't wear an outfit such as Wednesday Dress on my road bike, so I am currently an impasse as you can see.

Second.  Packing!  One benefit of a friend with a recent bridal registry is that I reap the benefit of all those boxes.  Yahoo!   Unfortunately packing also means messes.  Boo!

Wednesday:  Cotton once again.  This time it's a really vintagey looking green with branches and birdcages.  I really like the color palette:  olive green, violet, teal, and baby blue.  The dress has a scoop neck, v-back, and full skirt.  I added a light blue grosgrain ribbon at the waist to match the Public Bike I am saving up for which, incidentally, will be fully ridable in a dress.  This dress.  I can't wait.


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