Happy Halloween!


From the Taylors.

Hey y'all.  I know, I didn't actually have to make anything (most certainly not a dress) for this year's costume - unless you count all those hand cut letters on Adorable Boyfriend's hat.  Regardless, what a fun costume, right?

The only drawback?  Portland just doesn't seem to be the place for slightly recognizable TV character costumes.  I would say my fair city is more cult film than football drama.  In fact Coach and I had a throw-down with another couple dressed as characters from Pink Flamingos.  It wasn't pretty.

This is an "Oh, I don't watch TV" kind of town.  And that's fine.  We don't have TV either . . . although AB and I admittedly get hooked on streaming television shows.  So there you have it: Coach and Tami Taylor.  I have to admit - I'm kind of sold on this big red Texas hair thing.

Happy Halloween everyone!
Sneaking in just in the nick of time is the October Dress.  Don't you worry your pretty little heads about me - just because I have been ultra busy with a move to an awesome new house (Which includes a whole sewing room just to myself.  With windows!), I still had time to finish and try out this month's dress.

The October dress is a homespun cotton.  The plaid is tan, brown, white, and a little green.  I think the colors are perfect for Autumn.  With tights?  And boots?  Oh yeah!

Scoop neck, V-back.  I added a little diagonal business at the waistline, just for kicks.  I think that twist adds just the right amount of definition and interest at the waist.  Also of note are the tucks I put on the sleeves.  

I think this dress is not only cute, but highly wearable.  Now that wedding season is over, it's probably time to get back into making everyday-type dresses.  

But I love party dresses so much!  So, we'll see.


Halloween Nostalgia


Oh, how I do love Halloween.  And not just for the snack size Almond Joys.  The fun of coming up with a costume idea and implementing it is probably my most favorite thing to do.  I just wish there were more opportunities to do that during the year.  (That's why I love themed parties!)

I thought a review of costumes of Halloweens past would be an enjoyable romp for us all.  Since my parents are travelling, I didn't have access to photos of any of my childhood costumes.  Those, I will save for another year.  I have, however, put together a retrospective of the costumes I have worn as an adult.  Oh my.  

It took a trick, and some are pre-digital, but I think I have found a photo for all for years I dressed up.  Enjoy!
For Kirsten's recent tying of the knot, it was only fitting (pun?) that a few special guests made their own attire.  After all Kirsten was the co-founder of the company that once was what this blog now is.
Photo courtesy of Sara Gray.
Kirsten's mom, Donna, had been planning  her lovely wrap-style dress for months.  Thankfully, the actuality lived up to the expectation (not that we were surprised).  The color and fabric were lovely and the tailoring impeccable.  Donna was a stunning mother of the bride in her hand made party dress.
And, of course, the ever-talented and textile-minded Amy was up for the challenge.  She chose such fun colors for her simple and sexy strapless number.  You know she was looking good because this happened.  That's right.

Thanks for keeping the spirit alive ladies!
if you don't think this hula hoop extravaganza is what a wedding looks like, then you are just plain crazy.  The wedding of Kirsten and Cody is one I have been looking forward to for months and months.  It finally happened at the very urban, very hip Holocene in Portland.  In addition to a hula hoop contest, guests mingled while completing bingo cards, a signature cocktail was served, Cody's twin brother, Dusty, officiated, toasts were given by friends and family on the hour, and delicious sliders were served late night (perfecto!). 

 For the record, I would like to state that I knew Kirsten before Cody.  But only just.  It has been a real pleasure watching this relationship grow and I am thankful to call these two some of my bestest friends.  Kirsten and Cody are simply the greatest and it was wonderful to share this beautiful, fun, and heartfelt day with them.
Naturally the sunshiney yellow damask photo booth (i.e. room) was a popular meeting place during the reception.  I was in charge of props.  Yahoo!

The photos turned out so lovely, thanks to DotMC's favorite wedding photographer Sara Gray.  They really caught the fun and excitement of the day. 

Of course, no wedding in 2011 is complete without the premier of a Dress of the Month Club dress.  I bring you February.  In a word:  LOVE!  I wish I could wear this dress every single day.
I also wish Kirsten and Cody would get married again so we could relive the whole thing.  This time I would know the sliders were coming and I would take two.