Sneaking in just in the nick of time is the October Dress.  Don't you worry your pretty little heads about me - just because I have been ultra busy with a move to an awesome new house (Which includes a whole sewing room just to myself.  With windows!), I still had time to finish and try out this month's dress.

The October dress is a homespun cotton.  The plaid is tan, brown, white, and a little green.  I think the colors are perfect for Autumn.  With tights?  And boots?  Oh yeah!

Scoop neck, V-back.  I added a little diagonal business at the waistline, just for kicks.  I think that twist adds just the right amount of definition and interest at the waist.  Also of note are the tucks I put on the sleeves.  

I think this dress is not only cute, but highly wearable.  Now that wedding season is over, it's probably time to get back into making everyday-type dresses.  

But I love party dresses so much!  So, we'll see.



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