For starters, the headline is an allusion to Back to the Future.  Also, the dress is 1920s style.  Last, I'm going to ask a favor.  Let's pretend it's May!  Thanks palsy-wals!

Now that it's May and everything- here's the dress!  Yahoo!  
No, but, for reals.  This dress is featured this week at The Sew Weekly.  The theme this time was what's trending.  I opted for the drop waisted dress.  Hope you like it!

The "Drop it Like it's Haute" Dress

One of my favorite trends that seems to be hitting the runways once again is the drop waisted dress. I’m sure the new Gatsby movie has something to do with the recent resurgence.  Though even without cinematic provocation, the drop waist seems to make a brief comeback every couple years and I’m always excited when it does.

I’ll admit, that it’s not the most flattering style in the whole world.  No bust, no waist, focal point on hips kind of works against the female figure.  Regardless, there is something so freeing about the style.  I can only imagine what it was like for women back in the day when they first chopped their hair and threw corsets aside.  It’s no wonder that lifestyles, music, and dancing got a whole lot more free at the same time.  If I knew more than just two moves (learned from watching It’s a Wonderful Life) I would have busted out The Charleston for the camera.

(I was trying to do a Clara Bow thing with my hair, but it’s just getting too long to even fake a bob.  Oh well.)
The Facts

  • Fabric:  Very thin aqua cotton.
  • Pattern:  McCall’s 4825
  • Year: The pattern is ca. 2000, but the style is oh, so 20s.
  • Notions:  Zipper, thread, fabric for lining.
  • Time to complete:  5 hours
  • First worn:  For photos.
  • Wear again?  The ruffles are a little young for me, but I love the color.
  • Total price: $0 – everything was from my stash.
It's TV week over at The Sew Weekly.  Here what I came up with . . .

"The Final Frontier" Dress

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a Sci-Fi nerd.  But I’m not one.  (And there’s nothing wrong with that either.  I am a super nerd about a great many other things.)  Star Trek isn’t an obsession for me. It is, however, pure nostalgia.  I have so many memories of watching re-runs of the original show with my dad.  Among his many other interests, my dad loves science, space, and any science/space amalgam that was ever committed to film or video.  My dad was (and is!) always go-go-go with multiple projects around the house and yard, but if “a good sci-fi movie” was on, he would turn that distraction into a break.  That’s how it was when I was growing up and nothing much has changed 20 years later.

When I catch a glimpse of Star Trek every now and then, I immediately get transported back to my younger days.  There is just something about the too bright, too warm colors of the show that remind me of spending time with my dad.  (Star Trek, lumber yards, and city dumps.  That last one is weird.)  I guess I am blessed to have had a childhood that could be described as bright and warm on just about every level.

Though I am not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination, I admittedly have an extremely soft spot for Scotty, Sulu, and Bones.  And, of course, Lt. Uhura.  She was always the coolest:  heavy eyeliner, short skirts, and that crazy thing in her ear.  (What was that thing?  I suppose it had something to do with being Chief Communications Officer.)  She was so stylish, self-assured, and calm.  Even as a little girl I knew her cool was deeper than mere fashion.  Uhura was the best.

For this week’s dress, I found an unfinished project that had been started way back.  The original design had a red and white racing stripe down the front and another at the collar.  That dress was too big anyway, so I took out the stripe and just sewed a seam up the front instead.  I replaced the collar piece with black pique that I had on hand.  Then I put in a zipper, faced the armholes with bias tape, and hemmed it.  Voila!  Homage to a Starfleet uniform!

The Facts
  • Fabric:  Red and black pique.
  • Pattern:  I wish I could remember. . .
  • Year:  I bought the pattern ca. 2000 when I thought it would be cool to dress like a 1960s stewardess (or a 2260′s Starfleet officer).
  • Notions:  Zipper, thread.
  • Time to complete:  1 1/2 hours (+10 years)
  • First worn:  Last week.
  • Wear again?  Maybe.  It’s simply and summery.  I don’t like how it wrinkles.
  • Total price: $0
I am so happy to have finished a long-neglected project – which has been an ongoing goal.  A knack for starting and juggling multiple tasks over long periods of time is a trait I get from my dad.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  (Happy Father’s Day, Dad!) 

May, Oh May . . .


I have no idea what happened to May.  In fact, I have very little recollection of that month at all.  Very curious indeed.

BUT, a dress did get made and will be posted in the very near future.  In the meantime, I continue to work on The Wedding Dress.  I just might post some clews as to what it looks like.

Until all that happens, Roger in a tutu should buy me some time.  Surely.