Ah, yes, the beginning . . . it's a very good place to start, I hear.  In this case, the beginning is all the way back in May.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as a pattern tester by Tasia over at Sewaholic.  If you aren't yet familiar, she is a wonderful pattern designer based in Vancouver, B.C.  

The pattern I tried out was an extremely lovely dress called the Cambie.  The dress itself is adorable and has pockets!  You know I love that!  The pattern was an absolute dream to put together.  If you have been wanting to try your hand at making a dress this, kittens, could be the one.  You can purchase patterns on the Sewaholic website or in select fabric shops.  I will be using this pattern again.  Be on the lookout.

So, I made this very cute dress way back when, but what with wedding planning and all, the finished project was swept aside until now.  I wouldn't have premiered the dress until October anyway - which makes me roughly 3.5 months behind schedule.  A mere 3.5 months.  Nothing at all, practically.

So things we know:  1)  Cambie Dress = awesome! 2) It's my October Dress.  Yay!  3) Weddings are stressful and time consuming.  4)  Pockets are the best.  5)  Lack of time makes for cheesy photo backdrops.

Things you don't know:  1)  Shoes are optional.  

P.S. I made this dress a bit too roomy.  It's my fault - I tend to overestimate my size/don't believe the tape measure - and has nothing to do with the pattern's size chart.  ANYWAY, if there's a lucky lady out there who might be interested in a floral printed Cambie that happens to be a size 10/12, shoot me an email.