Happy Holidays!


It's always fun to dig into the holiday decorations box.  I had forgotten about the stocking I made for Adorable Boyfriend last year.  He loves mountain climbing, so wool socks and crampons seemed very fitting.  I used little black nubby buttons to look like shoelace hooks.  I was going off the cuff, so it's not perfect, but I was pretty pleased with the end result.

I don't have my own stocking in Portland, so I whipped one up this afternoon out of some scraps of Sari fabric that I have been hanging on to.  See?  Hoarding pays off.  Everything eventually finds a purpose.  I wouldn't say that sequins typify my personality by any means, but the colors were just too perfect.  And sometimes shiny is nice.

Now if someone would just put presents in it.  I am guessing my stocking could hold about three kittens.
Who me? Oh nothing. Just standing here.
Ug.  Now the worst part.  Taking pictures of myself.  Hate it.  Which leads me to believe that I really should rethink the whole theme of this blog.  Hmmmm.  Maybe change is in the air.  But not until 2012.  

That actually reminds me of a fortune I got out of a cookie the other day.  It said something like "Your best and most creative ideas will come tomorrow".  And I thought "Growl.  It's always tomorrow".  Then I thought "Yum!" because I am partial to fortune cookies.

Delicious snacks aside  . . without further ado . . . November Dress has finally arrived.  I wanted sort of a Milkmaid Meets Wiggle Dress Chic.  Maybe got it?  I don't know.  (Can you tell the year is nearly over?  I'm losing steam. And am feeling indecisive.)  While I absolutely do love this hand painted fabric, I am not sure that I feel comfortable in such light colors.  I feel more exposed and not so pulled together. 


So, December is here.

I think it's time for something more practical and wearable.  I have some nice crepey wools.    'Tis the season for crepey wools, as they say.  And actual sleeves?  I'll get back to you on that. And more!
The camera is almost back in my clutches and November Dress is more than willing to be photographed.  Soon.  Very soon.  Like, probably Wednesday.  I know the suspense is killing you.  Me too.  I'm practically dead already.  Bleh.

So you're not too bored. . . . here is a mysterious broken umbrella to think about.  What happened?  Seriously.  

I will be taking essay submissions.  Maybe a tune will inspire you.  

It's December.  Still no camera, so still no November Dress.  So . . . here's a picture of Paris.  

Ah, Paris.  You should probably go there.   For the holidays.  

Even the rooftops are amazing.