Who me? Oh nothing. Just standing here.
Ug.  Now the worst part.  Taking pictures of myself.  Hate it.  Which leads me to believe that I really should rethink the whole theme of this blog.  Hmmmm.  Maybe change is in the air.  But not until 2012.  

That actually reminds me of a fortune I got out of a cookie the other day.  It said something like "Your best and most creative ideas will come tomorrow".  And I thought "Growl.  It's always tomorrow".  Then I thought "Yum!" because I am partial to fortune cookies.

Delicious snacks aside  . . without further ado . . . November Dress has finally arrived.  I wanted sort of a Milkmaid Meets Wiggle Dress Chic.  Maybe got it?  I don't know.  (Can you tell the year is nearly over?  I'm losing steam. And am feeling indecisive.)  While I absolutely do love this hand painted fabric, I am not sure that I feel comfortable in such light colors.  I feel more exposed and not so pulled together. 


So, December is here.

I think it's time for something more practical and wearable.  I have some nice crepey wools.    'Tis the season for crepey wools, as they say.  And actual sleeves?  I'll get back to you on that. And more!


12/08/2011 15:46

Love! Love! Love!

More Liz pics stat! Don't deprive the public of what they want.

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