When I first started to think about my wedding dress (about 7 months ago, not when I was 5) I really wondered if I wanted traditional white or not.  I love color so much and I feel my best when wearing bright reds, blues, and greens.  It only makes sense that on the biggest of all big days one would want to feel her most attractive.  

I knew that as far as style went, I wanted a long and lean 1930s look.  I guess it's just that classic movie buff in me.  After all, it's not every day you can try to channel Myrna, Jean, or Carole without feeling weird about it.  But the fabric had me on edge.  I kept picturing ivory with sprigs of green flowers - in sheer silk chiffon, of course.  Alas, finding something like that was impossible.  And it was not for a want of trying.

I scoured every fabric store within a 3 billion mile radius and searched to the ends of the internet and came up with nothing that lived up to my imagination.  Eventually I accepted failure (yes, the internets failed me) and narrowed my search down to three choices.  

Off white with art deco maroon flowers would make for a gorgeous gown, but seemed to wintery for an August wedding.  A green ivy pattern satisfied my desire for green, but ultimately felt too informal.  I loved the graphic yellow floral and actually bought yards and yards of that fabric.  I used it (WARNING:  this is a silly thing to do with such expensive fabric.  Do NOT try.) to prepare a mock-up for what would become my wedding dress.  Lucky for me, that test run turned out beautifully and will, when I feel like finishing it, make a lovely dress.

In the end, I went back to a local fabric store and, with the support of a friend, picked out a simple cream chiffon covered with quarter-sized silver circles.  The fabric wasn't silk.  It wasn't loud.  It wasn't floral.  But, it whispered my name as I walked by and promised to be the perfect dress.
I suppose when it came right down to it, I wanted to look like a bride.  I'm a normal girl and normal girls don't get annual invitations to the Oscars or just cause to don taffeta on a regular basis.  Normal girls usually get one day to put on The Dress and feel like the most beautiful thing that ever breathed.  And if you are getting married, I guess it is pretty fitting to look like that's what you're up to.  

Yes, I was surprised that I ended up with a somewhat traditional white dress.  But boy my dress is pretty.  And I think it's perfect.  Just as promised.

Of course I can't ever wear it again.  So there's that.