In a somewhat unexpected, but not altogether surprising turn of events, Dress of the Month Club has been bitten by the gingham bug.  Rather than hold out until September, the hand painted silk August Dress has been usurped and replaced by some light blue checks and a whole lot of pleats.

I found this gingham print taffeta and it was so light and summery and adorable that even I was taken aback with the immediacy with which this dress had to be made.  I think the turnaround from bolt to body was about 4 days!  Yowza! 

Autumn pretty much starts tomorrow, so I am very pleased with the decision.  This dress is obviously meant for outdoor parties. 
I went with a high boat neck in front and a low scoop back.  I probably could have gone a little lower in front . . . I'm working on it.  (And by "it" I mean cleavage.)  Rather than the usual gathered skirt, I made 1-inch knife pleats all around.  I also hid some fun yellow rick-rack inside at the hem rather than using hem tape.  It's our little secret.  Shhhhhhhh. 

At this rate, who knows what is in store for next month's dress!  Will the original August Dress make a reprisal or will September turn into something else entirely?  It's any one's guess! Loose cannon alert!
Ah yes . . . beautiful Southern California.  Just north of San Diego, La Jolla Village set the scene for the beach side (!), rooftop (!), sunset (!), bilingual (!) nuptials of Carolyn and Antonio.
A couple couple facts:  1) He's from Spain and she's a California girl, but the two met in Washington DC, where they both live and work.  2) Upon being introduced to Carolyn, Antonio accidentally spilled hot coffee all over himself. Pretty endearing, right?  3)  I won't go into details, but if it weren't for the Swine Flu epidemic, the paths of these two lovelies might never have crossed.   
Rehearsal Bouquet by Dress of the Month Club.
In exciting DotMC news, June's peacock-inspired dress made her debut to rave reviews.  The dress was not only perfect for a little aisle-sachaying, but also great on the dance floor.  FYI:  this dress loves to move to "The Safety Dance".  (But not so much "Macarena".)  Oh, and in case you were wondering, this dress is way too mature for flirty bartenders.  I mean, do I look like a vodka/white cranberry kind of girl?
Exhibit A
Alas, there is a darker side to June Dress.  We ask that you turn your attention to Exhibit A.  What we have a zipper that is open, yet the pull is stuck at the top.  We also have some crazy black threads.  

But what does it mean?  Well, picture this:  Just as I am about to help the bride get dressed and participate in the accompanying photo op, the zipper of my dress splits open and can't be fixed because the pull is inexplicably stuck.  So, instead of helping  I got to hang out in the bathroom while a very pregnant wedding planner and the mother-of -the bride used what was available (black thread) to sew me into my dress.

Faulty zipper!?  Oh the irony!  This was, I am sorry to admit, a Dress of the Month Club fail.  [ sad trumpet ]  Next time I make a dress for an important event, I am going to wear it to do housework a few times.  Just as a trial run.

I am thankful for a few things, though.  First, that the zipper gave before the wedding started.  And second, that Carolyn is such an easy going person (even on her wedding day) and didn't seem to mind that I was causing a whole mess of drama.

Also, I am thankful to Carolyn and Antonio for including me in their big day.  They are very special and wonderful people who will, I have no doubts, enjoy a while lifetime of laughter. 

Felicitaciones por u dia de la boda!

Oh yes, yes.  Progress is being made with regard to the August Dress even if I haven't been sharing.   

Slightly off topic, the problem with living in Portland, OR is that you wait all the year long for the sun to come out and then it does and all you want to do is bask in it.   One might suggest that a cool basement sewing space would serve as the perfect respite from the sun and heat, but it just doesn't work that way around here.  Nope.  After 9 months of living under clouds, I just have to be outside.  [sigh.]  It's been lovely.

Still, I have found some time to stitch.  The bodice is just about together.  Also, I have (unless I change my mind) decided to go with straight skirt.  Why? Because a full skirt would be so predictable with this dress and would, I fear, look like a costume.  I think I have the fancy-pants fabric to blame on that count. 

I am hoping to have this dress done a little early - like next week.  Scoop!

P.S. I wish for a new dress form.  One that doesn't have plastic parts and who will more closely fit my sizing.  Also she won't be burgundy. 
Well, I have changed my mind once again (as if you are surprised) and decided to go with another fancy dress for the month of August. 

First, because July Dress is so very formfitting and I want another option for an upcoming wedding, just in case I am feeling a little shy.

Second, because I happen to have some beautiful and vintage hand-painted silk just lying around begging to be turned into a dress (pictured below).

And third - I am now the owner of these pretty babies.  Yes, I do already own them in black.  Yes, this blog is sorta becoming a shoe of the month club as well.  You love it.
I don't have a sketch for August.  I have an idea of a bodice in my head - think Milk Maid Chic with a tight waist and some gathering at the bust.  I haven't decided about the skirt yet.  Trust me, you'll be the first to know.  K.I.T.  XXOO
Whoa!  A LOT went on for the July nuptials of Portland's best hairstylist (and past DotMC model/stylist) Brianna and her wonderfully silly now-husband (!) Josh.  

First up, one of the very special projects I worked on leading up to the wedding was this heart-backed seersucker summer dress.  Brianna had been asking for a heart dress since Josh proposed months (and months) ago.  How could I say no to a fun little challenge like this?  Well, I couldn't.  Good thing too, because from what I heard, Brianna looked adorable at her rehearsal dinner.
The wedding also provided me with an opportunity to get out the May Dress and give her a spin.  You know what that means . . . time for a checklist!  Yahoo! 

     √  Finished Dress       

         Found Perfect Shoes

    √   Public Debut


    √   Hanging in Closet

Now that I think about it, I didn't get any compliments.  Hmmmm. I don't expect everyone to love what I make, so I am going to blame Adorable Boyfriend for this blatant disregard of my feelings.

No one, however, gets the blame for the lack of perfect shoes.  This coral is a hard color to match and I didn't want violet.  What's a girl to do?  I did think about going for something in total contrast, but just couldn't find anything that really worked.  I am still on the hunt.

But, for the May Dress, the important items are now checked off and that's all that matters.  The dress was made, worn, and accepted into my closet.
Favorite pals, Kirsten and Cody, (who will also be tying the knot soon (Scoop!)), joined us at the Kennedy School reception to celebrate.  Brianna and Josh's big night was fun and lighthearted.  As it should be.  Think on this:  School Bus transportation between the wedding and the reception!  Thanksgiving dinner!  And . . . do I have to say it?  Photo Booth! 
Eliza Sohn, one of DotMC's favorite photographers, set up a great little booth (more like tent!), which is available for hire.  You might want to look into the aptly named Fotofort for your next event.  No really.  You want to.  It's super fun!

Congratulations to Josh and Brianna!  All the best wishes for the future!