In a somewhat unexpected, but not altogether surprising turn of events, Dress of the Month Club has been bitten by the gingham bug.  Rather than hold out until September, the hand painted silk August Dress has been usurped and replaced by some light blue checks and a whole lot of pleats.

I found this gingham print taffeta and it was so light and summery and adorable that even I was taken aback with the immediacy with which this dress had to be made.  I think the turnaround from bolt to body was about 4 days!  Yowza! 

Autumn pretty much starts tomorrow, so I am very pleased with the decision.  This dress is obviously meant for outdoor parties. 
I went with a high boat neck in front and a low scoop back.  I probably could have gone a little lower in front . . . I'm working on it.  (And by "it" I mean cleavage.)  Rather than the usual gathered skirt, I made 1-inch knife pleats all around.  I also hid some fun yellow rick-rack inside at the hem rather than using hem tape.  It's our little secret.  Shhhhhhhh. 

At this rate, who knows what is in store for next month's dress!  Will the original August Dress make a reprisal or will September turn into something else entirely?  It's any one's guess! Loose cannon alert!


09/02/2011 20:11

Looks like the perfect Labor Day weekend dress!

09/11/2011 18:35

I do hope you'll wear this when we go see Oklahoma!

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