Well, I have changed my mind once again (as if you are surprised) and decided to go with another fancy dress for the month of August. 

First, because July Dress is so very formfitting and I want another option for an upcoming wedding, just in case I am feeling a little shy.

Second, because I happen to have some beautiful and vintage hand-painted silk just lying around begging to be turned into a dress (pictured below).

And third - I am now the owner of these pretty babies.  Yes, I do already own them in black.  Yes, this blog is sorta becoming a shoe of the month club as well.  You love it.
I don't have a sketch for August.  I have an idea of a bodice in my head - think Milk Maid Chic with a tight waist and some gathering at the bust.  I haven't decided about the skirt yet.  Trust me, you'll be the first to know.  K.I.T.  XXOO


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