Oh yes, yes.  Progress is being made with regard to the August Dress even if I haven't been sharing.   

Slightly off topic, the problem with living in Portland, OR is that you wait all the year long for the sun to come out and then it does and all you want to do is bask in it.   One might suggest that a cool basement sewing space would serve as the perfect respite from the sun and heat, but it just doesn't work that way around here.  Nope.  After 9 months of living under clouds, I just have to be outside.  [sigh.]  It's been lovely.

Still, I have found some time to stitch.  The bodice is just about together.  Also, I have (unless I change my mind) decided to go with straight skirt.  Why? Because a full skirt would be so predictable with this dress and would, I fear, look like a costume.  I think I have the fancy-pants fabric to blame on that count. 

I am hoping to have this dress done a little early - like next week.  Scoop!

P.S. I wish for a new dress form.  One that doesn't have plastic parts and who will more closely fit my sizing.  Also she won't be burgundy. 


08/23/2011 08:29

Love it. Will it be done in time for a certain person's wedding in Sept?

08/24/2011 09:17

It will, but I don't think this will be the dress of choice as it is not conducive to the winning hula-hoop contests.

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