Happy Halloween!


From the Taylors.

Hey y'all.  I know, I didn't actually have to make anything (most certainly not a dress) for this year's costume - unless you count all those hand cut letters on Adorable Boyfriend's hat.  Regardless, what a fun costume, right?

The only drawback?  Portland just doesn't seem to be the place for slightly recognizable TV character costumes.  I would say my fair city is more cult film than football drama.  In fact Coach and I had a throw-down with another couple dressed as characters from Pink Flamingos.  It wasn't pretty.

This is an "Oh, I don't watch TV" kind of town.  And that's fine.  We don't have TV either . . . although AB and I admittedly get hooked on streaming television shows.  So there you have it: Coach and Tami Taylor.  I have to admit - I'm kind of sold on this big red Texas hair thing.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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