if you don't think this hula hoop extravaganza is what a wedding looks like, then you are just plain crazy.  The wedding of Kirsten and Cody is one I have been looking forward to for months and months.  It finally happened at the very urban, very hip Holocene in Portland.  In addition to a hula hoop contest, guests mingled while completing bingo cards, a signature cocktail was served, Cody's twin brother, Dusty, officiated, toasts were given by friends and family on the hour, and delicious sliders were served late night (perfecto!). 

 For the record, I would like to state that I knew Kirsten before Cody.  But only just.  It has been a real pleasure watching this relationship grow and I am thankful to call these two some of my bestest friends.  Kirsten and Cody are simply the greatest and it was wonderful to share this beautiful, fun, and heartfelt day with them.
Naturally the sunshiney yellow damask photo booth (i.e. room) was a popular meeting place during the reception.  I was in charge of props.  Yahoo!

The photos turned out so lovely, thanks to DotMC's favorite wedding photographer Sara Gray.  They really caught the fun and excitement of the day. 

Of course, no wedding in 2011 is complete without the premier of a Dress of the Month Club dress.  I bring you February.  In a word:  LOVE!  I wish I could wear this dress every single day.
I also wish Kirsten and Cody would get married again so we could relive the whole thing.  This time I would know the sliders were coming and I would take two.


Donna Flanders
10/12/2011 21:03

Thank you DotMC for inspiring my own dress making....and taking time to write such an enjoyable blog.

10/13/2011 12:08

Awe, thanks DotMC!

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