You may remember when Joe and Naomi got hitched in February.  You should since, as if a shout out on Dress of the Month Club weren't enough, they were famously featured (along with Adorable Boyfriend) on Design Sponge.  Back then, in the height of winter, Joe and Naomi had an intimate courthouse wedding followed by a small reception in a suite at the Ace Hotel.  Lucky for us, the fun never stops with this lovely couple so we got to celebrate the nuptials, once again, on a larger scale.  This time sweater-free.  And with sun!
Lots of friends and family gathered in Northwest Portland with well wishes for the Newlyweds.  Joe and Naomi infused the reception with many delightful and personal touches like (that awesome Midwestern beanbag game knows as) Cornhole.  Joe made the game boards himself, personalizing them to commemorate the day. 

Not to be outdone by her new husband, Naomi, a wonderful baker, made a cake (and accompanying cupcakes) herself.  It was a confection which rivaled its own delightfulness with deliciousness. 

The couple received blessings under a chuppa that has been in Naomi's family for generations and Joe played violin accompanied by friends on the viola and cello.  Later those closest to the couple gave speeches, sang songs, and danced the night away.
Of course, what event would be complete without a) the wearing of a DotMC  dress and b) a photo booth.  Regarding the former:  The August Dress was worn almost immediately upon completion.  It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  As for the latter:  The Talented Mr. Kelty has amazed and impressed once again.  What fun!
To Joe and Naomi - here's to another 6 months  . . . and then another . . . and then another. . . and so on  . . . of Sheer Bliss.  

SPECIAL NOTE:  To experience Joe and Naomi's wedding reception, watch the time lapsed video created by Adorable Boyfriend.


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