Stepping dangerously close on the heels of wedding season, comes baby season.  It is widely known that Dress of the Month Club isn't exactly into quilts, but (as with dresses) the fabric often dictates the project. 

A co-worker of mine will soon be welcoming a little girl to the world.   This little girl, unbeknownst to her, will irrevocably disrupt the the idyllic and spoiled life of one little brown poodle who somewhat intimidatingly answers to the name/title of Chairman of the Board.

The (brown) poodle fabric was in the fat quarter baskets at local fabric hotspot Bolt, and I immediately knew a quilt was necessary.  I opted for color, color, color . . . and no pink.  I used a natural-colored quilted cotton as a backer (to tone it down just a bit) and tied it it off with turquoise, which matched the binding. 

The quilt is completely washable and it's small enough for a little one to someday carry around (unless it turns out she only likes pink).  The most important thing, though, is that the quilt pays homage to The Chairman.  Thus I have done my part to ease the pain he will no doubt feel come the first of November. 


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