August isn't so much about a dress.  It's about a Dress Extravaganza!  Realizing that summer has actually come to a close (check the calendar, kids) without the completion of my sundresses has put me into overdrive.  This month features not one, but five (5!) dresses that should have been completed and worn months ago.  Now the goal is one dress for each workday of this very last week of September.  I am so close already.  Fear not, friends!  I am not even worried.

Monday:  Navy blue with little white polka dots.  I put in white piping at the waist for fun and blue bias tape at the hem for cuteness.  Since the sundress collection was initially an attempt to blow through my hoard of cottons and notions, I pulled only from my stash.  Part of the fun in that is it's a great excuse to use my larger scraps for contrasting lining, which is only, like, my favorite thing ever. Scoop neck, lower scoop back, and very full short skirt.

What's this dress good for, if it's too late in the season for tanning shoulders and knees?   Well, 1) going back to work where we get compliments for trying to Autumnize thin cotton with textured tights and a cardigan.  2)   Cleaning and packing up my basement workspace (as pictured!) 'cause Adorable Boyfriend and I are moving.  3)  Goin' to Trader Joe's where a) Adorable Boyfriend doesn't tell us we have a giant (and I am talking, like, 10') of string stuck to our textured tights until we are in the car, but we still somehow managed to get a b) compliment from the checker who said (get this!) "Cute dress.  Thanks for bagging."  4)  Eating Indian food for dinner.  Hurray.  I love naan So Much.

There's a whole lot more coming.  Don't go too far away now.  Hint for tomorrow? 



09/27/2011 01:30

Super duper cute! Love the waist piping! You look hot (in a not so creepy internet comment kind of way).

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