Ugh!  Green again.  Wait, no.  I love green.  I want everything to be green.  Especially green with orange and yellow flowers mixed in.  I really super like this fabric.  And I'm not the only one.  When I bought it I nearly got into a fist fight with another woman over the bolt.*

This dress is good for the last few days for Portland sun.  It's great for dining on the most delicious burger in town (Slow Bar!).  And so comfortable while ripping new music.  (Thank you Multnomah County Library!) 

Thursday Dress:  Cotton.  Duh.  I love the print, even if it is a little sofa cushion-ey.  V-neck, high back.  I didn't really embellish it because I thought this dress would go great with my vintage leather belt.   I may sneak this one into my autumn wardrobe.  Boots?  Yeah!

Well, I gotta say this new Dress of the Day format is rigorous, but fruitful.  Alas, even I am bored of looking at pictures of myself every day so I am going to hold Friday's dress for a few.  I do what I want!  Don't you forget it.  And I want a break from the scenery.  You do too probably . . . you're just too polite to say so.  That's why we're friends.

See you in a bit!
*Liz's idea of a near fist fight:

Liz:  Oooh I really super like this fabric.  Yoink!
Stranger Lady:  Wow.  That's great fabric.  Are you going to buy all of it?
Liz:  No.  Just two yards.  I'll come find you when I'm done.
Stranger Lady:  Great.  Thank you.
Liz:  You're very welcome.


09/29/2011 21:42

This week of dresses may be rigorous for you, but I'm loving this tasty treat of frocks you are showing off! Portland weather is actually playing along too! Can't decide my favorite so far...maybe Wednesday because the bird cage pattern was so cute. But they are all turning out great, of course.

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