It's been a busy day for me and the Tuesday Dress.  First we went to work and drank coffee out of our special witch mug that Adorable Boyfriend picked up in his hometown, Salem, MA.  We did that for about 8 hours, then met Kirsten for happy hour/dinner and caught a local production of  oooooOOOOOO-OKLAHOMA!  You know!  Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain? 

Little known fact (unless you are one of my brothers, in which case it's very widely known):  I'm just a girl who can't say no to musical theater.  Let's keep that on the D.L., though, shall we?  I do have a reputation to maintain.

Tuesday:  Off-white cotton with little gray and yellow chicks and ducks and geese (i.e. birds).  This is a fabric that I fell in love with about a million years ago (2006) then made into a dress for a friend in Washington DC.  Fortunately for me, I recently found more at one of my favorite fabric spots, Cool Cottons.  Ah yes, just in time for a certain, not-to-be-named television program to make fun of birds being on things.  Particularly on Portland things.  Harumpf! 

No matter, no matter.  I didn't care what red-headed Stacey thought of my front-slitted long denim skirt in 7th grade (But seriously, why did she hate it so much?), and I don't care what the viewing public thinks of bird fabric now. 

So, Tuesday:  Square neckline, sort of sweethearted up with some tucks.  This may or may not be because the dress was initially too big up in front.  Squared back.  Longer skirt with gathering, but not too much, and requisite yellow piping a the waist. 

I thought Tuesday was appropriate for waving wheat, elephant-eye high corn, and all that, although Kirsten was pushing for the August blue gingham for tonight's outing.  August dress wouldn't have been wrong, but seemed a little dressy for a Tuesday, while Tuesday Dress was perfect, as its very name implies. 

Well, I've gone about as far as I can go.  (Company:  She's gone about as far as she can go.)   I'll check in tomorrow.  Don't poke fun, but there may be more birds ahead.  That's just how it is.


10/15/2011 09:03

Bird dress!

Love the fabric.

Love the lines.

Love you.

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