Let me start by saying that when the time came for me to pack up my Barbies I was more than a little sad.  Allow me to add that even when I was past the point of playing with dolls, I left my Barbies out on shelves in my room arranged in various scenes, one on top of the other (à la mini high rise).  Now I must admit that I was, maybe, a little older than I should have been when I dressed each Barbie in her original outfit and packed her carefully in tissue paper.

This month, I am feeling a bit sentimental.  It could be because I have been going through boxes from a recent move and continue to stumble upon silly childhood tidbits and holdovers.  Or it could be because I have a birthday coming up . . .and you know how THAT goes.  So as silly as it is, and as much as I don't really want to admit it,  his month is kinda of inspired by Barbie - but not just any Barbie. 

I have a very distinct recollection of being taken, by my dad, to the toy department of Mervyn's and being allowed to pick out any Barbie I wanted.  In this memory, I am using my own money.  The little lady pictured here is the one I chose.  Now this story is notable for a few reasons:  1) This particular doll is from 1979-1980, which makes me a little on the young side for things like memories.  2) Similarly, being so young where did I get all this cash?  I am sure it was just a handful of change and that my dad pulled a switcharoo with the cashier, but still.  3)  Remember Mervyn's?  What a funny name.  Remember when they had toy departments?  4) Of all the Barbies out there, I chose this one? It makes one wonder.  Elizabeths (I guess) do not prefer Blondes.  They also seem adverse to pink.

Nostalgia aside, back to March.  I guess it's not so much Barbie that inspired me, but the cool Spanish stylings of my very first Barbie.  Quiero un vestido that I can castanet in.  Whilst wearing a mantilla.  ¿Qué piensa usted?

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