01/03/2012 12:52

Okay, so now that you're done, how do we get our hands on some of these tasty dresses? I'm especially keen on July and December. :)

01/03/2012 13:42

People have started asking me, when I explain the new concept, "So, I don't get it. In the end Liz just has tons and tons of dresses?!?" Like that's some sort of problem.

Well done, lady! They are each so lovely and so you.

01/03/2012 18:53

Way to go girl! I am always impressed by your talent. What's next? How about theme dresses!

01/04/2012 17:54

BRAVO! What a line up! Best collection yet!

Idea I had today: Custom, adorable lunch totes...ehh, ehh?!

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