The Way of May


What we have here, kittens, is a whole lot of pink.  Well, salmon really.  Potato/potahto, but perfect for spring regardless.  The fabric is of dubious origin and questionable fiber content, but it presses up like a dream and that's enough for me. 

Textured and brocade-like, the bright salmon is accented with little violet flowers and splashes of white.  It has a very vintage look which is why I fell.  I'm a sucker.  And a predictable one at that. 

Before I calculate the cost of my soon-to-be favorite dress  I have a disclaimer:  Amnesty has been officially declared for all fabrics and notions already in my collection.  That's just how it is.  I am the dictator (although a benevolent one) of my basement.  Understood? 

May Dress Supplies and Costs
Fabric - have had it for years and years - $0
Lining - leftover from Kate Dress (September 2010) - $0
Thread - same as above - $0
Grosgrain Ribbon - from an obliging birthday gift - $0
Zipper - estimated $2.30, but I have Joann's gift card with $2.58 left on it, so I am making a $.28 profit off the zipper.  For good measure we'll call it - $0

Total projected cost of May Dress:  $0

May may  just be the deal of the century.


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