I am very excited about a new upgrade from my current dress form to (basically) a foam version of myself.  I spent hours (and hours) fitting the cover to get as close to my own body shape as possible.  Then came the all-out-on-the-floor fight to get that cover on the rather large foam body.  It wasn't easy.  I hurt one knuckle and broke a fingernail.  

The new me is a little stockier than the actual me - about 2" thicker in the waist - but everything else is in balance.  Vertically, she looks pretty good.   I might get around to further adjustment at some point.  Like, when I feel like another wrestling match.  It actually might be less troublesome to just eat a lot of ice cream and cookies.


02/15/2012 09:56

New to your blog - came over from The Sew Weekly. Do you ever share the patterns you used for the dresses you make? Lots of inspiration!

02/15/2012 16:12

Hi Toni,
Thanks for checking out the blog. Shoot me an email and we can discuss.



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