Nothing quite says "Dress, I am just not that into you." like a crusty-paint basement backdrop for documentation of the finished product.  Nope, I couldn't even be bothered to walk up the stairs to photograph this monstrosity.  I will say that the pasty, peeley walls do make me look somewhat  tan.  A trick of the camera, I assure you.

I will grant that the March Dress made me do some unexpected things while wearing it for photos.  For one, glaring at the camera just seemed the thing to do in this dress.  I even had the inclination to smoulder (as best I could anyway).  Also, I kept putting one hand on my hip.  Very curious behavior indeed. 
As barely discernible in this picture, what we have for the month of March is a fitted and asymmetrical bodice attached to a almost basic straight skirt.  The fabric is a black burnout backed with a nude colored satin.  Impossible to make out are the gentle gathers, instead of darts, at the front and back of the skirt between the bodice darts.  Under the left arm you will find a side zip.  Also if you look hard enough you still will not see a sash tied at the waist made from the unlined dress fabric for a subtle bit of contrast.  The hem is a bit shorter than is usually sported at DotMC.

So, I like lists.  As evidenced by practically every post ever by me.

Good things about the March Dress/Experience:

1)  Used up some fabric that I had been hoarding.
2)  Learned that I can kind of smoulder.  If I want to.  On special occasions.
3)  Now I know - one shouldered styles are not so much for me.
4)  The shoes (Seychelles Aquamarine) bought to go with this dress are mine forever. ha HA!
5)  I did finish a lot of other projects while procrastinating on this one.

Bad things:

1)  Maybe I made a dress for myself that won't ever get worn - not how this is supposed to work.
2)  Not entirely convinced that the fit is right yet.
3)  Being frustrated with a dress does not make for an enjoyable hobby.
4)  Three attempts to get this dress done and it's still not perfect!
5)  I wasted a whole month's dress on this!  That's 1/12 of my new wardrobe ruined. 

The wounds are still fresh and I am willing to give March Dress a second chance.  Perhaps if I put it away for a little while . . . yes maybe, even in my closet, the dress will look much better to me when I take her out again.  I think that is a plan.  June maybe?  I'll take March out for a spin in June and we'll just see.

Needles broken/replaced:  1
Spools of Thread used:  3

04/01/2011 13:54

Ok, ok...I know you hate this dress, but hear me out...

You look HUBBA HUBBA! That one shoulder thing is sexy to the max on that well designed collar bone of yours.

Just sayin...

04/04/2011 09:49

I'm with Jillian. You are totally rocking that dress. Can't wait for June...

04/18/2011 21:43

I wholeheartedly agree with Kirsten and Jillian -- Though why wait till June? It's the perfect birthday dress, with that hairdo!

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