Because I am so far ahead of schedule with my February Lovely, I decided it was high time for some clean up in the ole' workspace.

While going through some of my things, I found this adorable set of snaps.  It was in a sewing box I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away two summers ago.  Judging from the style and picture, I would guess these little snaps are from the early 1930s.  I am sure my grandmother picked it up at a garage sale.  Depression-era Okies simply did not travel around picking cotton and living in camps with snap collections.  Okies do, however, love a good garage sale.  And that is a fact.

Regardless, what a fun find.  It's this classic vintage look that I love.  How a little piece of colored advertisement can epitomize my whole aesthetic, I do not know.  But it does.  I want every dress to look like this backer somehow.  Except for the "Size 0" part.  That just wouldn't work for me.

Notions are fun as it is, but vintage notions?  Wonderful. 

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