Something Blue.


Earlier this month I got an email from DotMC co-founder/bride-to-be Kirsten:

"I think I'm ready for a new signature all-purpose party dress. Green with brown leaves and I have had an amazing run, but it's just time. And by "new," it could very well be the exact same cut in a different fabric (navy cotton?). Care to dust of the ol' Dress-o-Matic?"
Granted this request goes against my current me-me-me belief system, but it's just so hard to say no to a friend with dire dress needs.  And, thankfully by "new" Kirsten also means "dress you already started and intended to keep for yourself".  It just so happens that I have a mostly made dress in my possession that fit Kirsten's description to a T. 

A few years back, I decided that I wanted "the perfectly polished navy blue dress" to wear with some yellowy leather boots I bought.  I found a beautiful lightweight wool and a kicky, colorful silk lining and started work.  Now, as we know, pre-2011 Liz didn't like to try on dresses she made for herself until it was too late.  Needless to say, the post-zipper/pre-hem dress has been in storage ever since, waiting it's turn for alterations. 

When I got Kirsten's message, I dug out the dress and, well, it's just as pretty as I remember.  (Sigh.)  When I had Kirsten try it on last week, it fit her perfectly.  I guess the dress was just meant to be hers.  I am in the process of making a few changes - just to up the ante.  The dress originally had a high back and I am going to give it a low scoop.  Also, I think I may lose the cap sleeves.  

Although I am happy to put a previously unfinished project into circulation, I'm afraid that I am a tad jealous that I won't get to wear this one.  Envy aside, what are friends for but to augment the closets of their nearest and dearest.  

Sooooo  . . .  about the March dress?  Tick-tock, am I right?  More to come on that.  As you can see I got distracted. 

03/11/2011 14:40

So excited for new dress! Thank you for sacrificing this tiny dream for me. You can borrow bluey any time. And I'm sure twelve beautiful and perfectly-fitting new dresses will be some consolation.

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