Yes, yes, I could stay up until midnight to get this dress done under my own deadline.  But that just isn't how Dress of the Month Club rolls.  It's stress free around these parts.  Not like in college when I stayed up all night before a Milton final reading the entirety of Paradise Lost.  (Oops.)  Also since I make these rules I can totally break them.  Like whenever I want. 

So, I have decided to give myself another day to finish up the June Dress.  Just one.  That's all I need.  In my defense, the secret project I have been working on (and am nearly finished with) involves making three (three!) dresses.  It's not like I have been sitting around trying to get into critically acclaimed and highly recommended television shows like Friday Night Lights or anything.  I've been working.  Plus (and I've said it before) I do what I want!

When not sewing, I will admit to spending a lot of time looking at shoes on the Internets.  Pro tip:  If you are going to make a dress with which you want to match the shoes, pick out the shoes first.  Matching shoes to a dress is nearly impossible.  It's been Blue Shoe City at my house lately.

Check out the latest.  I haven't compared the colors yet, so cross your fingers!


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