Red Thread.


Despite lack of photographic evidence, my first project of the year is successfully started.  With adorable boyfriend out climbing walls (which I am not sure isn't a euphemism) or whatever sporty nonsense he does when I'm not around, I rediscovered my old productivity.  I guess it was still packed up in the basement. 

With a few hours to myself I managed to get the dress cut out and the darts marked, sewn, and pressed.  Unfortunately now it seems I am not just racing the clock, but  the spool.  Just after discovering that I had sewn in two pockets (Yes! Pockets!) with a basting stitch, I  noticed that my one spool of red thread is looking rather, well, threadbare. 

Finish this dress in two weeks?  No problem.  Finish the dress with this little spool of thread?  Well, here's hoping 'cause I'm feeling stubborn.

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