One of my ongoing goals has been to be able to answer "Why, yes." when someone asks if I made my dress.  For the wedding weekend festivities, I tried to sport my dresses as often as possible.  Believe or not, people asked and I got to answer in the affirmative. 
I wore my Umbrellas of Cherbourg dress for picnicking and flower arranging.  (If only I had done something with my hair.  Ack!)
My Uhura-inspired sheath (and, again, I am not a Trekkie (not that there is anything wrong with that)) was the perfect outfit for a wonderful dinner out as friends started coming in to town.
For the "night before mixer" (incidentally held at the bar where Doug and I met/had our first date one-day-shy-of-three-years prior), I wore one of the sundresses from the Dress Extravaganza of September 2011.  Although the unmatching cardigan diminishes some of the cute, I had one friend tell me the dress was very Anthropologie.  Ultimate Compliment Alert!!  

By the way, that's Rachael.  She gets to be in the photo because this is the only pic I have in which I do not have crazy blazing demon eyes.  (Why does that always happen to me?)

Off to sew or make rice or something.  OK! Bye!


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