If you have been around for a while you may remember the Erin Elizabeth Dress (December 2010)  Well, now some lucky lady in Cincinnati, OH will have one for her very own . . . just in time to pack it away for next spring.  

Longtime DotMC friend and supporter, Catie, is spearheading the annual Annual Dinner and Silent Auction for the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless this year.  If you happen to be in the Cincinnati area around December 7th, you may want to check it out and support a good cause.  

Also, just for Catie's special event, I have brought back DotMC's signature bag.  I was making these, like, a million years ago (2006).  This bag is a graphic black and white houndstooth with a colorful, silky lining.  I am actually inspired to whip out some more of these bags.  

They are fun to make and pretty much good looking.  Not to mention highly functional (pockets!) and unique.  I always thought the metal rings were a nice touch.

So, have you bought your airfare to Cincinnati yet?



11/21/2011 13:57

Do you happen to have a pattern for said adorable bag?

11/22/2011 14:48

Not yet. But a pattern is coming. IT'S COMING!

12/09/2011 13:22

Thank you Dress of the Month Club! The dress and hand bag were a hit! You helped us raise over $2000 at our silent auction. And I even heard someone say, "That dress was made in Portland, OR" to the reply, "I love Portland!" and a bid was placed. Both items were purchased by men for women they adored. :) Delightful.
Dress of the Month Club supports the Homeless Coalition in Cincinnati-what a great connection.

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