Well, maybe I do.  I'm just not sure.  I need more time to think, get off my back!

OK, so I might just be in a bad mood because I don't really like when it comes time to be in photos, and I felt particularly silly this month.  Could it be the pinky hues? Or the fact that I need a haircut?  Who knows.  Perhaps it's because even though you can't see them I am wearing shoes that really, REALLY do not match.  Or I could have just realized that I need to give it up and lengthen those skirts.
Well, let's push neurosis and unformed opinions to the side for a bit . . . here is the May Dress.  She certainly is springy and girly.  I do have an event coming up and plan to wear her . . . maybe a little sun on the legs will help. 

We've got little pleasts at the neckline - front and back.  Little pleats at the waist of the skirt - front and back.  And, let's not forget the pockets, which you cannot see.  The sea green bow was a last minute addition.  I was trying to distract you from the color.  Did it work?


05/31/2011 23:20

Don't you dare lengthen that hemline. And I LOVE the neckline pleats. Re shoes, I like Kirsten's idea of contrasting, otherwise perhaps a modern taupey gray or a nice pale matte metallic, or even a lovely golden mustard. Coral looks great, I don't want to be distracted from it, just bring on the sunshine and revel in it!

06/01/2011 10:27

Well if you're not going to wear it, I call dibs. Also, the weather permitted OUTDOOR PICTURES which is a total win (even if you are only one step outside).

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