Remember how I gave up making dresses for others?  This was to allow for more free time and relaxation.  Also to increase my collection of lovely wearables.  Alas, in a moment of weakness I agreed to take on a few extra projects, (Don't even ask.  This is the last of it. I swear.) thus decreasing time for myself and creating deadlines that I have been otherwise trying to avoid.  And then, throwing caution to the wind and ignoring my dressmaking duties (thereby allowing myself less time than I would like to get the job(s) done) I ran away to New York last weekend. 
Which brings me to my second problem.  It seems I still have nothing to wear.  While all the other girls I was travelling with got out their adorable, skin-baring best for a night on the town, I wore a long sleeved shirt and pencil skirt.  Sure, the pairing is silk and that's fancy and everything . . . but I admittedly played the conservative card in this hand.  It wasn't even a dress.  What was I thinking?  Total and complete fail.
I probably should have followed through on my March promise of revisiting the dress for that month.  The one-shouldered dress would have been perfect for cab rides, the Broadway show, and late-night dinner.  But no!  Instead of Sexxy, I went with Mother-Superior-Chic. It's a look that I think a young Julie Andrews could pull off, but she's the only one.  We're learning lessons here at DotMC.  Yup.  A March Dress Reprise will most likely happen before my next trip East which is set for September. 

In other news, June dress is coming.  And it's going to be good.  Just as soon as I can carve out the time. 

By the by, every deadline I have right now is a wedding date.  I was thinking that to make things easier on me, and everyone really, we should bring back family feuds, arranged marriages, and politically motivated unions. That's bound to increase the number of runaway brides.  I mean, geez, doesn't anyone believe in elopement anymore? 



06/17/2011 16:00

I was told at work yesterday that I looked like I was getting ready to either teach all the Quaker children or give a blessing at mass. P.S. I had thought it was fashionable when I left the house, but after careful personal consideration, the comments were valid. Very valid. We need help kid!

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