I feel like the April Dress was made in the dreaded “Race Mode” - that's when I think less about what I am doing and more about the finish line.   This, of course, totally defeats the whole idea of this project.  With the pressure of making a dress for someone other than myself (mostly) off the table I had high hopes that I would be able to rediscover dressmaking as a fun and stress-free hobby.  You know?  I could take it slow and create twelve perfect and perfectly fitting additions to my wardrobe. 

We are now four months into the new format and I am not so happy with March (yes, I will still give it a second chance down the road) and although April turned out pretty cute I don’t know if it’s really me.  Although it really should of been since it secretly doubled as my Birthday Dress.
Oh, and while we are on the subject of birthdays, the end of April marked mine.  I see my birthday as a personal New Year’s and as such it is a time to reevaluate and resolutionize.  (No, it isn’t a real word, but maybe it should be.)  
I have come up with the following Dressmaker's Manifesto which hope will help keep me on task and provide the guidelines for what I want this project to be.

Dress a Month

The following topics will be presented for each month's dress:

1.  Inspiration.  What is the thought behind the dress?
2.  Initial idea(s).  I should really practice drawing.
3.  List of Notions and Supplies. I am curious to see how much I have to buy and how much already have!
4.  Figure out cost.  Really!  Is making a dress cost effective?
5.  Evaluate time spent.  How long does it take make a dress?
6.  Talk about  the process.  This might slow me down a little, which I hope will mean fewer mistakes and mind-changing
7.  Present finished product.  I have to be accountable to somebody after all!
8.  Wear it!  That's the goal.
Side Projects

While making a dress a month is the main event 'round these parts, I always have the urge to set more (and more) plates a-spinning.  The other things I want to tackle:

1.  Viola Collection.  I am really excited the collection of old patterns that I inherited.    I have broken it down so that each pattern I present will be divided up into four blog posts covering a range of topics about the patterns, history, the dress I'll make, and perhaps a bit about, Viola herself.  Or, at least, the eras in which she lived.
 2.  How to Sew books.  I love old sewing books. because they are such a sign of their times.  These entries will surface from time to time (like when I need to take a little break?).    
 3.  Extras.  You know, like cool findings and words on fashion and the history of.

Can't get any simpler than this:

1.  Take it slow and build my skill set.
2.  Use my hoarded supplies.
3.  Master the art of fitting.
4.  Improve photography.
5.  End up with dresses I really want to wear.
6.  Remember the cute and thoughtful little details make it..

Easy peasy, right?  OK May, let's get going.  We'll just see if getting organized brings back a love of the stich.  Because, really, dressmaking feel like this:
This photo asks for it. Plus I love word bubbles, OK?


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