It's been work, work, work in the Dress of the Month Club basement  this week.  That's fine with me as long as the outcome is a fabulous dress.  Fortunately all indicators point to fabulous for May.
The pleats at the neckline are looking good.  This fabric loves to be ironed, so the tucks just lay down so nicely. 

I did opt out on sleeves for this dress.  I feel that sleeveless often makes the cut a little more contemporary.  As much as I love vintage styles, I try to avoid costuminess.  Of course, that might be nearly impossible with this fabric.  It's so very bright and flowery.  No complaints, though. I picked it.  But, I may have to give some added attention to how to tone it down a little.  A neutral belt?  Or  . . . hmm.  I'll do my thinking later.

Although I am making swift progress, the to do list is still on the long side.

Still to do:
1) Try it on and make necessary alterations.
2) Sew the shoulder straps together.
3)  Put in the zipper. 
4)  Hem
5)  Handwork/fix up the lining.

I'm gonna have to knock this one out if I'm going to get to a few other projects I keep thinking about.  Extraneous sundresses are haunting my dreams. 

Portland's unexpectedly blue skies are not helping matters. 



05/23/2011 17:24

This is looking lovely - I adore the pleated neckline. I really admire the goals of your project. And your admirable list making skills! Oh and the taping the zipper tip - makes me wonder why I hadn't thought of it before.

Just discovered your blog, hence the multi-themed comment!

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