March Schmarch.



Well now, the March Dress is finally starting to look like a dress. Scoop!

Things I have learned:

1)  "My Double" dressform isn't my double at all.  I suspected this fact all along, but now I know the truth.  She is a shortwaisted, hardbodied creep who makes my life difficult under the guise of helpfulness.  Very tricky, My Double.  Very tricky indeed.

2)  I might be too decrepit and aged for a one-armed dress.  I just can't tell if it is sophisticated or just a little slutty.  March Dress!  You make me question everything!

3)  I don't have the patience required for things like "do overs" and "re-starts".  And because I am making the dress for myself, the drive to correct and make wearable is simply is not in me.  What keeps me going, you might ask?  Why you, gentle reader. 

Things I still need to do to be done with this woeful project:

1)  Shorten and hem skirt and skirt lining.

2)  Add a sash.

That's it.  Two things.  And yet the end seems so far away.  I wonder if I will ever change my mind about this dress.  Some projects are just jinxed from the beginning. 

At least it goes to show that life isn't all gumdrops and bubble gum at Dress of the Month Club.  Sometimes it's dill pickles.  (Which I don't personally care for - but someone else just might.)  And this is a dill pickle of a dress.

03/29/2011 21:36

Me gusta mucho! Can't wait to see it with the sash! That off the shoulder bit is hot and sophisticated! So there! Slutty? Not so much.

03/29/2011 21:37


Those long legs of yours are going to look mighty fine in the shorten version of that skirt! Yozah!

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