I am addicted to multitasking and most of the time I am pretty proud of my ability to simultaneously design a dress in my head, watch a B&W classic, and hand embroider linens.  But there are times when my need for busy-ness works to my detriment.  For example, while cutting out the March fabric, trying to surreptitiously watch Big Love, and both listen/appropriately respond to adorable boyfriend, I made a major dressmaking mistake. 

You see, for March I am trying something kind of new:  a one-shouldered little ditty.  My brain though, while attempting to process both polygamy and conversation, went into autopilot and instructed my scissor wielding hand to behave in the usual manner.  Normally, that would be extremely efficient, but when one is making an asymetrical bodice only one front and one back need be cut - not the typical fold-over-to-double-the-fabric-and-cut trick. 

Point being, the outcome was a severe waste of fabric and enough pieces to make two bodices.  So I figured, why be a waster?  I'll make two dresses.  Oh, I weighed the pros and cons.

Pro:  Two dresses are better than one!
Con:  Why does anyone need two of the same dress?

Pro:  You'll put throwaway fabric to use.
Con:  Ack, more work.

Pro:  Maybe I could give one away?  Or sell.  I mean sell one.
Con:  One armed jobbies have to REALLY fit - you don't know anyone you-sized.

Pro:  If you find someone you-sized you can hang out and be all twinzy-like.
Pro:  Yeah, it'll be super cool because the dresses are, by default, mirror images.
Con:  Make a new friend?  I'm shy.

So the thought process went (while I worked on Kirsten's dress, reviewed a new recipe, and listened to Taj Mahal) until it was decided that I would go ahead and at least put the two bodices together.  The bodices are the most difficult part anyway so it would be good practice.  I think I might just try two different skirts.  I think one will have to have ruffles.  Why not?  I have an extra to fall back on?

Needless to say, the March dress/es is/are in the works.  The fabric is a nice drapey black with sheer leaf-shaped cutouts.  I am lining it with a light nude colored satin.  I am off to less than robust start, but I think things will turn around.  Surely.

Two weeks to go!

03/14/2011 16:46

Blech! Someone (me) needs to wash her pressing facility (ironing board).

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