Well, well, well.  What did the postman bring me today?  Oh, I don't know!  Just a card that looks like a book about dresses, that's all.  Nothing but a few of my absolute favorite things all folded into one paper envelope! 

You see, if there is one thing I like, it's a pretty dress.  If there are two things I like, it's getting stuff in the mail.  If there are four things I like, it's macaroni and cheese.  (But I get ahead of myself.)  If there are three things I like it's old books.  (You see where this is going?) 

But this, friends, this(!) is not an old book.  It's a card that looks like an old book.  (Not just any old book mind you - a book about a lady and her many dresses.)  Because if there are five things I like it's fantastic stationary!  Also, if there are six things I like, it's things that look like other things.  (Not to be confused with people dressed like other things, which is terrifying.)

This lovely surprise came from the even lovelier Jillian . . . and if there is one thing I LOVE it's Jillian.  Thanks for making my day Jillian.  And thank you for not sending me macaroni and cheese.

Aside:  Jillian did once send me two quiches in the mail.  East Coast to West.  And they were delicious.  True Story!



07/15/2011 13:53

Mac and Cheese! A new challenge!

You're welcome. Thanks for being Liz and everything wonderful that implies.

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