Let's Learn to Sew


Oh, boy!  Look what I found!  It's a wonderful collection of books from 1953 called Sew with Distinction.  If memory serves me correctly, my mom picked this up for me at a thrift shop when I was but a wee lass.  I spent countless afternoons just flipping pages.  Maybe I picked up some sewing skills by osmosis.  It could happen.

I have moved these books with me to two different colleges, to Los Angeles, back home again, and they have been all over Portland, yet it has been at least a decade since I have cracked open a single one of the little volumes.

I have an idea that while working on the upcoming March dress I will work through the Complete Set of Eight Books and see if I don't learn a few things.  Don't worry, I'll share.  "A Picture Reference Sewing Course" is really too adorable to keep to myself.
02/24/2011 09:35

Ooo...very excited for this new series! Sewing skills for children is right at my level.

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