Just Tops!


Tonight I was All Business.

I really wanted to get the bodice mostly put together.  Despite the cold, I got down to it. 

The fingerless gloves (and heavy winter coat) really helped.

For some reason the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack also helped.  I can't put my finger on that one. [shrug.]

This mess is actually the bodice. 

I wanted the bodice to be tight and a little stiff.  To get that I found a thick yellow satin.  Not only did I use the satin as a lining, but I basted a layer of the satin to the sheer chiffon.  This helped in a few ways.  1) It made sewing the chiffon MUCH easier (it's slippery stuff and likes to rove); 2) It gave me the added stiffness that I was looking for; 3) It hid the seams that would have shown if the chiffon was the only top layer (again, it's sheer).


Well now, what do you know?  It's starting to look like something. Now to try it on . . .

Cross your fingers for me.


Needles broken:  0
Thread spools used:  1

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