Done!  And boy am I tired.  Too tired, fortunately for you, to brag about how this dress looks exactly like I pictured or how beautiful it turned out.  I love this dress! 

Is it peacocky enough? I hope Carolyn approves.  One month until her sunny San Diego wedding, which makes me one month ahead of the game. 

Needles Broken:                     0
Spools of Thread Used:        1         


Fabric                     $13.23
Lining Fabric         $12.49
Accent Fabric        $13.32
Thread                    $  3.69
Needles                 $  2.99
Zipper                     $       0 (in the stash)
TOTAL                    $45.72

7.33 hours

Rhapsody in Blue – Gershwin Gershwin



07/03/2011 08:30

Love it! Really stunning.

07/03/2011 09:53

Carolyn LOVES it!!! I love the overlay! Beautiful. Liz, you are an amazing designer!

07/03/2011 21:52

June dress was worth the wait! It looks A-MAZING! I love the picture to the far right, the dress has such a nice swish to it.

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