July Heat


July?  Oh who knows.  But after the whole NYC dress debacle, I think the inspiration behind this month may just have to be S-E-X-X-Y.  Unfortunately for me this is a territory that I am not too familiar with.  Which is why most of my dresses can safely be described as "cute".

I like sweet florals and flowy full skirts and indiscernible cleavage, but I guess sometimes it's A-OK to shake things up a bit.  So this month I am going to try something a little tighter and a little lower cut.  The plan is to wear this dress to a September wedding in Brooklyn.  Hopefully the plan is also to wear this dress unselfconsciously and comfortably to a September wedding in Brooklyn. For July, the true test will be how I wear the finished product, not just turning scraps of fabric into a finished project.  We'll.  Just.  See.

I have an incomplete picture of this dress in my head.  Thus an incomplete sketch.  I am thinking deep V, front and back.  I like the idea of a longer skirt, but that could change.  I also kinda want a belt, but that might change too.  I need to find the perfect fabric first!  I can't even settle on a color scheme.  I can promise that there will be piping.  I do love piping.

Well, this should be an adventure.



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