I am a woman of few words this month, it seems.  Quite frankly I am OK with that for the moment.  Despite the constant stream of events that kept me away from the keyboard, I made time for my Trusty Pfaff. 

And so, just under the wire, here is July.  Pretty swanky, right?  I would really love this dress if I saw a picture of someone else in it . . . but I am not yet sold on wearing it myself.  What with the low neckline, and tight skirt, and inability to take wide strides, I just don't know.  I'll admit it - I like to hide in gathered skirts and folds of fabric.  Fine.  Now you know.  (As if it were a surprise.)

Maybe I'll wear July around the house to do chores just to get use to how it feels to be restricted at the knees.  And waist.  And hips.  Perhaps then, and only then, will I feel comfortable enough to wear this dress out in public.  Of course, I reserve the right to wear a coat for the duration.


08/01/2011 06:48

I love this dress! It looks stunning!

08/01/2011 09:19

Hubba hubba! Can you add a slit or two for movability? What does the back look like?

08/01/2011 09:35

The back looks like the front with a deep V - but my bra showed in all the pictures! EMBARRASSING!

08/05/2011 13:11


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