. . . and I'm also mad that February is the shortest month.  How is a girl supposed to find the time to procrastinate when months are just going around having 28 days? 

My vision for the month of Feb. is admittedly a little summery (Wishful thinking!).  I found some very pretty yellow (with touches of purple) floral chiffon. What this fabric says to me is, "Tight bodice, low scoop back, full skirt, please."  The fabric also says "Why did you buy me?  You hate working with chiffon!" It's true, but I have always liked the look of chiffon dresses from the early 60's that have a really deep hem that is visible through the fabric.  I am hoping that I have enough fabric for the skirt to replicate it. 

So far, the bodice has been cut out - but it's really more of a template at this point.  I haven't decided whether I want a low scoop or high bateau for the neckline yet.  I am really going to have to spend some time messing around with this one, b-b-but it's just too cold in the basement to do that right now.  Brrrrrr. 

Oh February?  Why do you have to be so cold and short? 

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