And . . . we have fabric!  Pictured here, with the most expensive tape measure of all time (a souvenir from from the V&A Museum in London during the height of the American financial crisis (ouch!)), we have a beautiful black, red, and silver woven silk.  Lucky me, I got this $28/yard fabric for half the price.  Yahoo! 

I must have been in a super finicky mood about this silly dress as evidenced by the three separate shopping trips to find something I liked.  I was looking for dressy, but not prom-my.  I also wanted some stiffness for structure.  I had no idea what color scheme I wanted. 

I think this geometrical pattern will work nicely.  In fact this was the only fabric I grabbed and walked around the store with on any of those fabric store excursions.  I am not always a fan of red and black together.  They are both so bold, but I think it works for the dress design.  And, added bonus,  I am already the proud owner of two pair of red heels, so I have shoe options at the outset.  

In related news, I think July may be the last fancy dress for a while.  "More Go-To Dresses!" is my new motto.

Starting in August. 

(Maybe ending in August.)



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