Hot Dog!
Once in a great while the Gods of Dressmakery nod in my general direction. I am pleased to say that tonight they chose to look my way. Just as the last little bit of red thread ran through the sewing machine needle and I felt the first inkling of a curse leaping from the tip of my tongue, I remembered a bright red cone of thread that my mom sent along with a very old and extremely dirty serger. With a little bit of ingenuity I rigged up afore mentioned filthy serger to feed the thread to my machine. Et voila!

As if being provided with an abundance of right-colored thread wasn't enough, when the time came I found a 22" red zipper in my usually disappointing zipper collection.  Life really is amazing isn't it?


Perhaps even more amazing than the fortuitous appearance of both thread and zipper, is the fact that I actually tried the dress on.  AND made the necessary adjustments.  While I am quite dictatorial about fittings when it comes to making dresses for others, making dresses for myself is an entirely different matter.  I easily fall into race mode and just want to get the dress made.  I am afraid that this habit tends to result in dresses far too large to wear.

Much better than a teeny-tiny dress, you might say. Yes, that is true, but once the "race" is over I am done  and want to move on to something else. This problem of mine has left me with a box full of too-big-mostly-finished dresses I am sorry to say.

Anyway, back to the task at hand . . . I tried the thing on and even made the necessary alterations. This dress is going to fit darn it! It had best fit - I have plans for wearing it in February.

2011 Liz not only makes dresses for herself but she wears them.  (2011 Liz also admits the new shoes which will be needed to accessorize all these new dresses are almost as much incentive as the dresses themselves. ) 

The countdown for finishing this January project has officially begun. According to my paper pocket calendar (I'm an old-fashioned girl.) I have nine days to go. With just a hem, and a little hand work on the lining to do, this one is in the bag.  Oooh, I'll need a bag!

I think I have a dress, kids!

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