Make Your Own Dress Form.


No, My Double and I are still not speaking.  While I cannot in good conscience lay complete blame on her for the imperfections of the March Dress, she isn’t completely innocent either.  I am thinking of loaning her to a friend for a night or two just on principle.  And if that doesn’t work, it might just teach M.D. a lesson to dangle a replacement in front of her non-existent nose. 

Coincidentally a homemade dress form is a project I have been wanting to try for quite some time and according to Sew with Distinction creating a clone is pretty easy, if a little creepy.  A taped up version of my own headless body is not something I really want to see lounging in my workspace.  Still, the benefits when it comes time for fittings or draping might be nice.

It seems all one needs are:

            1)  1” wide tape

            2)  Long men’s undershirt

            3)  Scissors

            4)  Garter belt and stockings

            5)  A friend

I might just have to make time for this experiment in cloning at some point.  What a wild afternoon that would be.  Torso party, anyone?

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