There are some universally recognized attributes that make for a good sewing workspace.  Good light, a suitable cutting area, convenient "pressing facilities" a.k.a. an iron/board, fabric scraps . . . yeah, yeah, sure . . . and a . . .MAGICAL SEWING CHAIR WITH A SUPPLY DRAWER!  What the . . .

I have to admit that I have never seen such a thing until now and I must have one.  Can you imagine sitting at your sewing machine? 

"Oh, where are the scissors?" 

"Only right here in the drawer!"
"Drat, I just broke a

"No big - I have extra in this drawer attached to the very chair I happen to be sitting in." 

"Now where's that ever elusive seam ripper?"

"Right where it should be in this here drawer."

Alas, Sears Catalog Item No. 2000971 cannot even be found at the far ends of the Internets.  The closest I came to sewing chair induced bliss was a similar item with a hidden(!) drawer featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine.  From 1910.

Thank you very little information "super" highway.  I think what my workspace really needs is a time machine.

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