Hold your hats, kittens, I did something super wacky today!  No, make that some things (plural) super wacky. 
I bought denim!  
. . . and a standard over-the-counter sewing pattern! 
. . . and I intend to use afore mentioned sewing pattern (i.e. printed instructions) to the letter!  
. . . to make a denim skirt!  
. . . a wrap-around denim skirt!
. . . before I finish May Dress . . . or get back to Viola . . . or deal with an onslaught of sundresses . . . or the secret project I haven't been talking about!!
That's just how it has to be.  A wraparound denim skirt just popped into my head yesterday and demanded to be made.  (The pattern usage is to save some time.  I have to be a little bit practical after all!)
Then I'll get back to using complete sentences.  And regular DotMC programming.


05/23/2011 18:01

Wow. The first thing that came into my head was my elementary school music teacher, Mrs. Warren. She was my fashion idol from 1989-1993, and I believed she owned at least three denim skirts, ranging from knee- to calf-length. When shopping at Mervyns, my sister and I would point out dresses and say "Wouldn't Mrs. Warren look so good in that?"
I can't wait to see your fabulous denim skirt!

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