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Things are coming a long nicely, but I hit a bit of a snag with the gathering.  I wanted a nice full skirt, but getting that much fabric to not to look bulky at the waist has taken some brainstorming.  Eventually I sewed some grosgrain ribbon to the raw seams where the skirt attaches to the bodice.  I will tack it in to make sure the seams lay flat at all times.  The whole thing won't even be seen since the dress is fully lined, but I think it will make the bodice lay more smoothly.  I'll be trying it on again tonight, so I'll know for sure. 

To Do:

1) Hand sew the straps.
2) Put in zipper.
3) Hem lining.
4) Hem dress.
5) Tack waistband.
6) Twirl.


She & Him - Volume I and Volume II

02/15/2011 17:27

She & Him is my favorite Pandora station right now. Love the fabric!

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